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Survial Bill

July 11,12,13 2014 Kamloops Meetup our 8th Gathering

For more information follow link:

Making Morning Coffee

My new Bushcraft Foraging Bag

I found this in a surplus store and just had to scoop it up I have put a few things in it already and put on a patch I hope to get out soon and make a video showing what I have in my foraging bag…

The Kamloops Meetup was a Success everyone had loads of fun – Fire Starting – Shelter Building – Target Practice..

Bushcraft Jan 29th Property – Bushcraft Canada Forums

Mod to my .22 Rifle

I wanted a pack rifle so I modded my .22 one to lighten it up some and to make it more packable for me to fit in my backpack…
So this is what I ended up with…

Bush Property dec 21/2011 – Bushcraft Canada

Bushcraft Property-dec14-2011 Bushcraft Canada Forum

Out for a bit of bush time projects

Upgrading Possibles Bag Setup

I have upgraded the Possibles bag by replacing the exterior side water bottle holding straps and the build in knife sheaths on the side of the possibles bag.. I do like taking this with me on day trips but can do over night trips also I carry just enough gear with me to do anything that I really need to do to keep myself occupied in the bush with projects or even just to lay back and relax in the hammock and enjoy the scenery ….